Pteroclidae | Sandgrouses

Pin-tailed Sandgrouse (Pterocles alchata)
Black-bellied Sandgrouse (Pterocles orientalis)
Pallas’s Sandgrouse (Syrrhaptes paradoxus)

Tibetan Sandgrouse


Columbidae | Pigeons and Doves

Snow Pigeon (Columba leuconota)
Stock Pigeon (Columba oenas)

Rock Pigeon

Hill Pigeon

Yellow-eyed Pigeon

Common Wood Pigeon

European Turtle Dove

Oriental Turtle Dove

Eurasian Collared Dove

Laughing Dove


Cuculidae | Cuckoos

Oriental Cuckoo (Cuculus optatus)

Common Cuckoo


Strigidae | True Owls

Eurasian Eagle-owl (Bubo bubo)
Tawny Owl (Strix aluco)
Tengmalm’s Owl (Aegolius funereus)
Long-eared Owl (Asio otus)
Short-eared Owl (Asio flammeus)

Pallid Scops Owl

Eurasian Scops Owl

Little Owl


Caprimulgidae | Nightjars

Eurasian Nightjar (Caprimulgus europaeus)
Egyptian Nightjar (Caprimulgus aegyptius)


Apodidae | Swifts

Alpine Swift (Apus melba)
Common Swift (Apus apus)
Little Swift (Apus affinis)


Coraciidae | Rollers

European Roller

Alcedinidae | Kingfishers

Common Kingfisher

Meropidae | Bee-eaters

Blue-cheeked Bee-eater

European Bee-eater


Upupidae | Hoopoes

Common Hoopoe


Picidae | Woodpeckers

Eurasian Wryneck (Jynx torquilla)

White-winged Woodpecker


Alaudidae | Larks

Calandra Lark (Melanocorypha calandra)
Bimaculated Lark (Melanocorypha bimaculata)
White-winged Lark (Melanocorypha leucoptera)
Black Lark (Melanocorypha yeltoniensis)
Lesser Short-toed Lark (Calandrella rufescens)
Eurasian Skylark (Alauda arvensis)
Oriental Skylark (Alauda gulgula)

Desert Lark

Greater Short-toed Lark

Hume’s Short-toed Lark

Horned Lark

Crested Lark

Hirundinidae | Swallows

Pale Sand Martin (Riparia diluta)
Grey-throated Martin (Riparia chinensis)
Eurasian Crag Martin (Ptyonoprogne rupestris)
Northern House Martin (Delichon urbicum)

Sand Martin

Barn Swallow

Wire-tailed Swallow

Red-rumped Swallow

Motacillidae | Pipits and Wagtails

Tawny Pipit (Anthus campestris)
Meadow Pipit (Anthus pratensis)
Red-throated Pipit (Anthus cervinus)
Buff-bellied Pipit (Anthus rubescens)
Water Pipit (Anthus spinoletta)
Yellow Wagtail (Motacilla flava)
Black-headed Wagtail (Motacilla feldegg)
Yellow-headed Wagtail (Motacilla lutea)
Eastern Yellow Wagtail (Motacilla tschutschensis)

Tree Pipit

Citrine Wagtail

Grey Wagtail

White Wagtail

Masked Wagtail

Pycnonotidae | Bulbuls

White-cheeked Bulbul (Pycnonotus leucogenys)

Bombycillidae | Waxwings

Bohemian Waxwing (Bombycilla garrulus)

Cinclidae | Dippers

White-throated Dipper (Cinclus cinclus)

Brown Dipper

Troglodytidae | Wrens

Eurasian Wren

Prunellidae | Accentors

Alpine Accentor (Prunella collaris)
Altai Accentor (Prunella himalayana)
Brown Accentor (Prunella fulvescens)

Black-throated Accentor